Arizona Triathlon Camp

Arizona Triathlon Camp

Finish your 2017 season with the Arizona Triathlon Camp and immerse yourself in weekend full of structured coaching and epic training sessions. Join us for a weekend packed full of coached workouts to help refine your skill set, knowledge base, and fitness.

Our Arizona Triathlon Camp is ideal for two types of athletes: 1) athletes who have a late season Ironman (Ironman Florida, Arizona, Cozumel) or 2) athletes looking for structured coaching and detailed feedback to help focus your off season training.   

Take a look at our schedule below and you'll see plenty of time set aside to chat with athletes, review video, cover nutrition topics, review training data, discuss race strategy and give you what you need. This camp is much smaller than our Mammoth Triathlon Camp to allow for a higher level of coach-athlete interaction.  

Saturday, October 21st

8:00 AM - 9:00 - McDowell Aquatic Center  We'll start the week with a healthy dose of swimming. This short workout will target speed and strength.

9:30 -11:30: Big Gear Session and Transition Run. You know we like our big gear work.  We have the perfect route picked out for some sustained big gear intervals and a short transition run to follow.  

2:00 - 4:00 Fueling Presentation and Video Review at "FC House of Pain". Learn the race day fueling principles to optimize your performance.  Additionally, we will review run and swim footage from earlier in the day so you have something to work on.  Additionally, we will have time to have a round table discussion about what your goals for the rest of the season.   

Sunday, October 22nd

6:45 AM - 11:45 - Long Ride Athletes training for and upcoming Ironman will start at 6:45 and others will start at 8:00.  

1:00 - 2:00 - Swim Session This recovery focused swim will help you bounce back from the long ride as well as work on "form under load", the essence of triathlon performance. 

3:30 - 5:00 Bike Data Review and Mental Side of Racing at "FC House of Pain". Bring your data from the morning ride and we will take the time to review and break it down to identify solid pacing strategies as well as make suggestions when needed.  Additionally, we will discuss race day tactics and strategy.  Executing the race based on your fitness is the key for optimal performance.  

Monday, October 23rd

7:00 - 8:00 McDowell Aquatic Center  We like to begin our day with a swim before heading out on a long run.  Not only does this reveal your swim fitness, but it is also a great fueling test/practice to make sure you are set up to run well.

9:00  Long Run Distance and total time of run will depend on the distance you are racing, your upcoming race as well as individual fitness.

1:00 - 3:00 Run Data Review and Race Strategy Discussion at "FC House of Pain". Bring your data from the morning run and we will take the time to review and break it down to identify solid pacing strategies as well as make suggestions when needed.  Additionally, we will discuss race day tactics and strategy specific to you as an athlete.  Executing the race based on your fitness is the key for optimal performance.  

As a novice triathlete I felt very welcomed by the coaches and athletes. While there was a feeling of friendly competition during the specific bike and run challenges, at no time did I feel out of place, intimidated or judged. The general feeling of camaraderie and inclusion was a surprise to me and really helped to make the entire experience something I will always remember.”

Marty Connelly

" We came away with with such huge smiles and the feeling like we had spent three days playing like kids on Christmas morning! Everyday was well planned out and each activity stacked nicely on top of the next. Joby’s ability to share his expertise in each discipline makes it possible for anyone of any level to take away something for their future training and racing.”

Tracy White

This was my third camp and every year it has been fantastic. The activities, routes and challenges were awesome and most important. The people that you assemble for the camp are great and I enjoyed the challenging activities that were planned each day.”

Bill Davis

More Details

Lodging – All training will take place in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The closer you can stay to McDowell Aquatic Center, the more convenient it will be. You have the choice of hotels or condo rentals through VRBO.  

**Lodging is not included in the cost of the camp.

Group Dinners – We'll head out for group dinners a few of the nights.  Please feel free to join in on this.  

Fitness Level – At a minimum, you should be able to complete a 50 mile bike ride, 8 mile run and swim 1500m.  This focus of this camp is both skill development and quality training.  Each workout can be scaled to your fitness level. Each day we will also have opportunities to get in some extra credit training.

FC Method – You'll find the FC Method infused into all of the training you'll be doing. From pre-workout talks, workout challenges, and focus principles, you'll be exposed to the the method of training that has resulted in over 120 personal bests in 2015 and 2016 alone.

Modifications – Although we have planned a weekend full of epic training, we also understand that each person has unique needs.  We can modify rides and runs to suit your needs.  Just communicate with us in advance.

Arizona Triathlon Camp


For specific triathlon camp questions, please contact Joby Gutierrez: or call (714) 803-6165