December 15


16 Week Ironman Plan

Our Ironman (140.6) training plans are written for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

This is NOT a generic plan. We design your plan based on your schedule, your experience, your target race, your lead up races,  and your fitness. Here’s a look at the process once you purchase the plan.

  1. Complete the background question which includes swim, bike, and run field tests.
  2. We review your history and plan your training based on your field test and background.
  3. Your program is delivered to via an online calendar.
  4. 30 minute phone consultation – Once you review your plan we’ll take the time to answer questions and make sure you understand all that is included.


Our Training Approach

Our plans are written to maximize your training time, making you faster and stronger on race day. Many of your workouts will be very focused and tough. The return on hours and hours of training is simply not practical or valuable for 99% of the athletes out there. Unless you are a professional who trains full time, the high volume approach will only leave you run down and slow. If you are prepared to work and follow every detail of your plan, you WILL get results.

Cost: $ 310


Important Note:  The 16 week training plan is intended for triathletes who are fit and able to complete a 70.3 race.  If you have not completed a recent 70.3 or you are not in shape to complete a 70.3 race, then the 16 week plan would be too accelerated for you.  We suggest that you extend your Ironman build up beyond the 16 weeks.




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