September 17


2013 Triathlon Camp in Mammoth

As we prepare for our 2013 Triathlon Camp in Mammoth Lakes, we are excited to make some new changes. Here’s a brief overview of a few of the the changes in store. More details as they become available.

Saturday Bike Route – Our route on Saturday will be a combination of two of last year’s top rated rides. We will start at Benton Crossing Road and head east which will eventually connect us to the 120. Once we hit the 120 we will start heading back toward Mono Lake and finally finish the ride at the intersection of Hwy 395.   All of you will have the option of making this a 70 mile ride…at altitude. You can also cut this short.

Bike Time Trial Challenge – We will have a staggered time trial start. We will level the playing field by having the fastest riders start last. It will be a race to the line. We will complete this on one of our daily rides.

Running Challenge – How many loops can you complete in a specified period of time.  Great for practicing your Half Ironman and Ironman pacing. This will make you dig deep.

Running Analysis – During our running challenge we will break out the video camera to take a look at what happens to our running form under a fatigued state.












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