IMG_0982“The camp was very well organized and a totally awesome experience. I think what I found most valuable was the introduction to training at altitude but it was all great. The training will be invaluable for June Lake and Tahoe. I was really nervous about the altitude but after the camp, I have a pretty good idea about how to approach my training and the upcoming races now….I’m already planning on this again next year.” – Arran Auld






“This was my third camp and every year it has been fantastic. You always make the adjustments to continuously improve upon the previous years experience. The activities, routes and challenges were awesome and most important, the people that you assemble for the camp are great. I had a fantastic time and enjoyed the challenging activities that were planned each day. I hope I can continue to fit this into my schedule every year.” – Bill Davis






“As a novice triathlete I felt very welcomed by the coaches and athletes. While there was a feeling of friendly competition during the specific bike and run challenges, at no time did I feel out of place, intimidated or judged. The general feeling of camaraderie and inclusion was a surprise to me and really helped to make the entire experience something I will always remember.” – Marty Connelly







“I feel so fortunate to have been a part of the 2013 Team FC Mammoth Training Camp. I enjoyed the challenging rides, the solid training and the opportunity to train in the altitude. Coach Joby and his wife Mia went over and above planning every aspect of the trip. They made sure we knew all of the routes, refilled our water bottles, planned fun-competitive challenges, provided meals and catered to us to make sure our trip was top-notch. There is something special about the Team FC Family, everyone is hard working, motivating and celebrates the successes of the other teammates. I had an amazing time and look forward to going again next year.” – Carol Ofenstein


katie“This was my third consecutive year at the Team FC Mammoth Camp, and I plan to keep going every year that I can. Coach Joby maps out a weekend full of challenge, fun, and camaraderie.  Joby and his wife Mia fully support the rides and even snap photos and video to enjoy at the delicious nightly dinners that Mia prepares.  The rides, runs and swims are varied and beautiful and are sure to test your physical limits.  What makes this camp so special, though, is the group that Joby assembles: a tremendous group of like-minded, health-conscious triathletes who are fun-loving and hard-working.  Every year, I leave with not only an increased level of triathlon fitness, but also a stronger connection to my triathlon “family,”  whose friendship and support mean the world to me.” – Katie McEwen


scott and tracy“This was our first ever Tri Camp and Scott’s first time meeting Coach Joby, we came away with with such huge smiles and the feeling like we had spent three days playing like kids on Christmas morning! Everyday was well planned out and each activity stacked nicely on top of the next. Joby’s ability to share his expertise in each discipline makes it possible for anyone of any level to take away something for their future training and racing. We were new to the Team FC group and could not have felt more welcomed, supported and challenged. Joby and Mia took such great care of everyone from the morning huddles to the evening dinners we felt a little like Pro Athletes! Thanks Joby, Mia and the whole Team FC, we can’t wait until next year!”  -Scott & Tracy White