21 Day Jumpstart Challenge

You CAN take control of your own health and fitness. You CAN reverse the downward spiral of stress, and start building a healthy body you can be proud of….AND you can do it without making any extreme changes.


Fed Up?

If you are tired of carrying around extra pounds, tired of being stressed, and you want your energy back, then join me for a 21-day jumpstart challenge. I'd love to show you how to get your health, fitness and nutrition headed in the right direction.

Extreme Changes Rarely Work

You DON’T  have to commit to some insane workout schedule and you DON’T have to live on celery and chicken breast either.  You see, here’s the problem when people try and make a change to their life. They go to extremes and set unrealistic goals that are sure to fail. Failing to meet these goals results in frustration and then you throw in the towel. I want to help you stop this cycle.  There is a happy medium in between “extreme measures” and just “doing nothing.”

Life Happens

One thing is certain.  As we get older, our lives get busier.  We have more responsibilities at home, increased stress and responsibilities from work and so much more to juggle.  Unfortunately, time to take care of yourself is the first thing that goes when life gets busy. It’s TIME to change that.

My Mission

The goal by the end of the 21 days is to show you that small and sustainable changes to your nutrition and activity level can help you gain back your energy, drop some pounds, and most importantly, start a pattern of health you can continue implementing the rest of your life.  This is just the beginning.  

What's Included in the 21 Day Challenge?

Access to the 21  Day Challenge Facebook private group as well as "check-ins"

Daily emails with resources to help you apply the principles of the 21 Day Challenge.

Q & A Support throughout the 21-Day Challenge


Isn't the holiday season the worst possible time to begin a challenge?

Absolutely, especially if you like to make drastic and unsustainable changes to your nutrition.  However, I want to show you that health and fitness can fit into your life anytime of the year. Remember, we are not trying to make "extreme" changes.  We are making simple and sustainable changes.  Yes, you’ll be able to have a drinks at your holiday parties.

This isn't a quick fix.

If you want to drop weight fast, then cut carbs, severely restrict your calories, and workout a ton.   You'll drop the weight. but it will all come back once you go back your normal life.  

I'll Be Your Guide

Many of you may know me as a triathlon and running coach, but I'm  also a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach. My deep passion  for health and  nutrition science started in my college years.  

You may not know this, but  I struggled with weight most of my childhood and teenage years. While most people gain weight their first year in college, I lost about 20 pounds, got really fit and for the first time in my life, I felt fit and in control of my weight. Since college (many, many  years ago) I have been roughly the same weight and a big part of this is because I learned to applied some very important principles that I implement about 80% of the time.  I have never been on any crazy diets and I don’t think anyone should ever have to.  It's not about "perfection" .  Living a sustainable and healthy life is about simple principles applied daily.

My goal is to help you learn and implement these “skills” into your daily life. If you are the type of person who has to go to extreme measures to feel accomplished, then you’ll feel completely frustrated with my approach. However, if you are ready  to jump into a sustainable and balanced approach to health, nutrition and fitness then let's begin the journey together.

Registration Closes November 29th