January 24


29 Day Leap Year Challenge

Here’s the challenge – workout or do something to take care of your body everyday for the next 29 days.  Please read everything before you decide you “are in” for this challenge.

Challenge Rules

  1. Workout everyday for the next 29 days. Start date is February 1st.
  2. Enter the challenge by posting on our wall by February 1st.  Post  “I’m in for the 29 Day Leap Year Challenge” to enter the challenge.  This will let us know how many people are competing so we can determine the number of prizes. If you are not already part of the page, join up here.
  3. Every Sunday (starting February 5th until February 29th) post an overview of what you did for the week on our Facebook page. If you are not already part of the page, join up here.
  4. For each week that you post your weekly summary you receive an entry into a raffle for one of our cool prizes(see below)

Workouts should be a minimun of 40 minutes of activity. Here are some examples of workouts(not an extensive list):

  • running
  • walking
  • biking
  • swimming
  • surfing
  • snowboarding
  • paddle boarding
  • hiking
  • power yoga or pilates

Active recovery can replace a workout 2 days a week since taking care of your body includes recovery. The following are examples of active recovery (must be 20 minutes or more)

  • foam roller
  • deep tissue massage
  • stretching

Your weekly summary can be as brief or detailed as you want, but make sure you include something for each day. Here is an example of a “brief” summary:

Monday – stretch
Tuesday – Surf – 2 hours
Wednesday – Swim 40 minutes
Thursday – Run 5 miles
Friday – Hike 2 hours
Saturday – Bike – 1 hour
Sunday – Deep tissue massage

Here are some of the raffle prizes for “29 Day Leap Year Challenge” participants.   Plus, you can’t beat the odds – one prize for every 10 participants. The more participants, the more prizes.  For every 10 participants, one of the prizes wil be raffled off.

  • 4 weeks of personal online coaching for a runner($160 value)
  • Team FC – racing style cycling jersey($55 value)
  • Team FC Headsweats Visor($23 value)
  • $30 discount off any service we offer
  • Team FC Shirt ($18 value)


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