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Running Trails in Yorba Linda

If you are a runner or walker, hopefully you have taken advantage of the miles of trails Yorba Linda has to offer. Your options are almost limitless as you navigate through the nicely groomed horse trails of Yorba Linda.

You can run a flat route, a moderately hilly route, or a very hilly route. For the adventurous runner, you can even link the trails of Yorba Linda to Chino Hills and open the doors to many more miles. Here are the reasons I love our Yorba Linda trails:

1) Plenty of water fountains to rehydrate – I plan my routes to come across water fountains throughout my run. This saves the inconvenience of carrying water on my long runs.

2) Numerous parks surrounding the trails – These are great if you need to make a restroom stop along the way.

3) Great soft surface to run on – Running on a soft surface will allow you to accumulate more miles without feeling beat up.

4) Traffic free running – You’ll have to cross streets, but you can easily get in a 20 mile run with less than 2 miles of running on the sidewalk. Anytime you can avoid stoplights and cars, this is a good thing.

5) Limitless miles – You can link a few different trails to get in a 23 mile run without having to run the same route over and over again. For you ultra maniacs, you can easily get in 35 miles by entering Chino Hills Park.

6) Community of runners – Soon you’ll start to recognize many of the same familiar faces on the trails. Sharing a smile or hello is always a pleasant addition to any run.

If you have never ventured out onto the trails of Yorba Linda, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Here is a map of all the horse trails in Yorba Linda – Yorba Linda Trail Map


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