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A Faster Run 30 Seconds at a Time

A Faster Run Split....30 Seconds at a Time

We all know speed is important, but too much can take away from your end goal of getting to the finish line faster.

This workout helps target running speed without taking too much of a toll on the body.

  • Start with an easy warm up and build into a steady effort.
  • Mix in 30 second accelerations at 5K race pace or about 10 seconds faster.
  • Follow this with 30 seconds of easy jogging (very easy)
  • Finish the run at a comfortable effort.

How many efforts should you get in? Start with 10-15 and build from there. I get in up to 30 of these within the context of an easy run at least once a week.

Why it works? By the end of the run you can easily get in a total of 20 minutes at sub 5k effort. Since this is broken up into smaller 30 second chunks, the stress to your body is very small, yet you have trained the muscles to turn over at a faster pace.  Run these too hard and you won't have a lot of transferability to race day. 

Additionally, the bigger picture is to get to the finish line as fast as possible.  Too much speed in the form of longer intervals can take away from your bike strength, especially those who are not uber bikers.‚Äč

At the end of the day our goal is to train movement patterns we want to see come out on race day.

Great workout to mix in within your transition run as well.

The FC Method is an ATHLETE-FOCUSED approach to training that will target and activate EACH AND EVERY physiological system needed for success on race day. We take average, hard-working athletes and help them train smarter and race faster.

If you are training for an Ironman or half Ironman, consistency is your best friend.  It's not about smashing two or three session and then barely make it through the week.  Training should be a gradual progression of workload, repeated week after week.  There are no secret sessions that will all of a sudden make you better.  Work and more work is the recipe.  Target all of the systems you'll need to tap into on race day.  Ironman is a strength-endurance sport so it's not just about miles. Sure miles have their place, but you have to get strong.  

Crush it on Race Day

Follow these 3 steps to improve your triathlon-specific running ability, accelerate your results and minimize the impact of fatigue


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