March 13


A Great Day for Hills – Thanks for Joining Me

Thanks to all of you who met me for hills today.  I don’t know about you, but I sure am motivated to train along side my teammates. Here are a few comments about those who showed up:

Keith – I think everyone agrees that Keith is one of the most positive guys we have out there – always encouraging and motivating.  Maybe that’s why he was the poster boy for the Brightroom event page???

Katie – 80 miles today with about 5000 feet of elevation gain.  That 11/28 combo is so essential isn’t it?  I was impressed by your steady effort throughout the ride.  Being able to stay consistent while climbing is tough, but you did it.  How did you enjoy Imperial Highway on the way home?

Jenny– Anytime hills are preceded by 15 miles of running (the day before) you’re definitely in for a tough workout.  Way to hang tough.  I know you were challenged, both physically and mentally.  You’ll find yourself battling some of the same thoughts as we complete Breathless Agony.  Remember to battle.

Sue – Glad you could finally make it out for these hills.  This will improve your ability to push the pace on the bike and definitely will get you ready for The Rage Triathlon.

Willie – You’ve been out there the last two hill workouts and this is going to pay off.  We need to get you into a race soon so you can drop the hammer on the competition.

Brett – If I told Brett that we are going to climb every hill in Orange County his response would be, “Cool, I’m in”.  You are getting so strong out on your bike.  I would venture to say that this is the last year you will be following me on the bike.

Laura – Completed her first ride over 70 miles this weekend in Solvang, drove home and then met us in the morning for some hill repeats.  Oh ya, and then followed it up with a 7 mile run.  You are such a hard worker Laura.  Congrats on your first 70 + mile ride.  How was the ice bath?

Jillian – Another first time Solvang century rider.  As with Laura, I was impressed to see you out here for this workout. I love your positive “I can” attitude  and determintation out there.  It must be an East Coast thing:)

Vicki – What a great year for  you Vicki. You are stretching yourself to new heights and I know you’ll be happy with the results. Fight on young lady:)


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