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The Long Run

Bring more purpose to your long run ​ Is your long run designed to improve your weakness?  The timing of intervals can impact the nature of your workout .  Find out how structuring your long run can impact the training effect on you as an athlete Want to race faster and stronger this season? Grab a […]

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Reach Your Potential in 2014

2014 Planning Workshop     We’ll teach you how to optimize your training by looking at the following topics: What periodization model would work best for you – traditional or reverse  Athlete Typing – knowing this makes a huge impact on how you should structure training Sample workouts from each of the key training blocks […]

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Ironman and Half Ironman Nutrition

While there are general principles to follow, nutrition has to work for your individual needs as an athlete.  For me personally, the Osmo active hydration works very well.  Dr. Stacy Sims, founder of Osmo, is a big believer in using liquids to hydrate and real food/solids for calories.  However, this idea of “solid” nutrition may […]

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Have You Ever Made this Running Mistake?

A few years back I decided that I would push beyond my limits and try  to run a faster pace in attempt for a new half marathon personal best.  Not just a little faster, but much faster.  I was going for hero status.  Things were going so well and I was on track for a […]

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Bike Upgrades and the Ironman

Aero Helmet, aero wheels. skin suit, or power meter?  Which of these is most beneficial for Ironman racing? Before we look at which upgrade will shave seconds and minutes off of your time, let’s take a look at the goal of your Ironman bike ride.  Your goal is not to simply ride as hard as […]

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