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Meet Osmo – My Hydration and Nutrition Strategy

My nutrition and hydration strategy has significantly evolved since I first started racing Ironman distance over 8 years ago. All of this changed when I discovered Osmo Hydration  back in July of 2012.  Dr. Stacy Sims, the founder and brains behind Osmo, introduced a concept of “food in the pocket and hydration in the bottle”. […]

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Hydration and Nutrition Resources for Ironman Athletes

I am frequently asked about what I recommend for hydration and nutrition.  Nutrition is such an individual consideration, but there are some universal principles that are helpful.  I use many of the recommendations set forth in the articles/links below.    Take some time to review these and then experiment for yourself. Gels – Why to avoid them […]

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Gear Order

   Tech Shirts – $15 Available in men’s and women’s styles.                        Headsweat Visors – $20            Polar Fleece Beanie – $10          Trucker Hat – $10              

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Developing Power on the Bike

Bike speed is all about power production.  Power naturally increases as a passive result of training(especially if you are just beginning), but it can also be developed through more active means.  This is the purpose of intervals, higher intensity threshold  work,  and hill repeats (although these also achieve other physiological benefits). P = F(v)….power equals force […]

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