November 2


Barefoot Running: Should You Do It?

Over the last few years the barefoot running trend has grown in popularitity. Part of this growth is largely due to the release of Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall. So, does this new trend have any validity? Will runnning without shoes make you a better or more efficient runner? Are the new Vibram shoes the way to go? Will running without shoes revolutionize your running?

Probably not……

Don’t be so quick to part with you traditional running shoes. I would start by doing form drills with no shoes. Then progress to strides on grass. Finally, perhaps a mile on grass without shoes. Use barefoot running as a way to improve your form and not an alternative to traditional running (with shoes). Personally, I would never depart with my shoes, unless I’m working on form drills and strides. If you have great form, then complete a portion of your weekly mileage in the more minimalist type of running shoe.

Also, take time to notice that there are very few shoeless runners at the front of the pack or even in the top tier of a race. I’m sure there are exceptions, but remember that’s the exception.


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