May 7


Bill Davis

Race schedule for 2012?   Oceanside 70.3, Wildflower 70.3, OC International Tri, Vineman 70.3, Orangeman 70.3+

What motivates you to train? Health, fitness, camaraderie, competitive desire to get better

Favorite quote? – John Wooden’s entire pyramid to success, but in particular the top of the pyramid – Competitive greatness:  Be at your best when your best is needed

What advice do you have for new triathletes? No matter what the obstacles or difficulties that you are faced with in learning this sport, they can all be overcome by good solid training and practice.  This sport is an endurance sport and the training is an endurance process – nothing will happen overnight.  Every training session is a building block for the next training session or race.  Take your time and build a solid foundation (base) and you will have great races and training sessions in the future.




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