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Barefoot Running: Should You Do It?

Over the last few years the barefoot running trend has grown in popularitity. Part of this growth is largely due to the release of Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall. So, does this new trend have any validity? Will runnning without shoes make you a better or more efficient runner? Are the new Vibram shoes […]

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Running Trails in Yorba Linda

If you are a runner or walker, hopefully you have taken advantage of the miles of trails Yorba Linda has to offer. Your options are almost limitless as you navigate through the nicely groomed horse trails of Yorba Linda. You can run a flat route, a moderately hilly route, or a very hilly route. For […]

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Cycling in Wet Conditions

I don’t know if was coincidence, but while on my run yesterday I witnessed three bike crashes/falls as a result of the rain…well, not entirely the rain. It was rain and carelessness. I thought I would take a few seconds to remind you of a few ways you can be safe out on the roads. […]

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The Marathon Does Not Complete You

It’s not uncommon to hear runners ask,  “What is your marathon time?”……”Oh, you haven’t done a marathon yet? You can work up to it eventually,” might be the typical reply. For some strange reason the marathon is viewed as the standard for running achievement.   While the marathon is a great challenge, why do some feel […]

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How to Get Faster Every Season

If you’re like most triathletes and runners you probably have your races scheduled out months and even a year in advance. Ideally, you have a few races that are your main focus – let’s call these “priority races”. In an effort to build up to these priority races you most likely have a few “training […]

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Does Long Distance Running Destroy Your Body?

Very infoirmative research article on the effects of distance running on the joints. “long-distance running does not increase the risk of osteoarthritis of the knees and hips for healthy people who have no other counterindicationsfor this kind of physical activity. Long-distance running might even have a protective effect against joint degeneration.”

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