Bridge the Gap Triathlon Run Workshop

Helping IRONMAN and Half IRONMAN triathletes  improve their triathlon run split. 


How strong was your last triathlon run performance? We all know triathlon is more than just a good run split, BUT if you are fading or giving up time on the run, then you may be leaving time on the course.  Let's Bridge the Gap.

How does your stand-alone (marathon or half marathon) compare to your triathlon run times? How much are you dropping off?   If your slowdown is more than 8%, this workshop is for you.  Take a few minutes to calculate your times.

Calculation Example

Step 1: Get your average pace for two recent races.

8:00 = Average half marathon run pace

8:41 = Average run pace for a half Ironman


Step 2: Convert both times to seconds.

8:00 pace = 8 x 60 sec = 480 sec

8:41 pace = 8 x 60sec = 480 sec + 41 sec = 521 seconds

Step 3: Calculate the % of change.  

Enter the two values in this calculator to get your %.

How do You Compare?

2- 4 %​​​​ = Well above average

5 - 7 % = Good - This is the target

8 - 10% = Proficient

11 - 13% = Room for improvement

The closer you are to the 5-7% range, the more likely you are already doing many things right and you may just need to make a few tweaks to help Bridge the Gap.

A solid run performance doesn't just happen. Efficiency, fueling, mechanics, and the right balance of training are all a must.  

It's no accident that hundreds of our athletes have posted Ironman and half Ironman personal bests.  Just about every one of these athletes made gains on the run.

What You'll Get

This is NOT just about learning to run with better form.  Good form is important, but that’s only one part of your triathlon run performance.  In this Bridge the Gap workshop you'll learn the 5 Pillars of Triathlon Run Performance.  Here's a look at what this workshop includes:

One in-person session where we'll put you through a race specific workout,  scaled to your individual ability. During this session we will address two of our form specific pillars. You'll also get real time feedback on your mechanics as well as practical tips you can implement immediately. 

You'll get 5 mini-lessons (1 per day) teaching and explaining each of the 5 Pillars. Delivered via a small Facebook group.  Look at these lessons as the classroom component of the workshop. $65 

For two weeks following the clinic, you'll be able to communicate with coach Joby and get all of your triathlon running questions answered via the Facebook group.

Next Workshop: April 29th
Anaheim, CA 
8:00 - 9:30 AM


About coach Joby

Joby’s journey to Ironman was a marathon of continuous improvements over time, building him into a 4X Ironman World Championship qualifier. Throughout this process, he developed the FC Method, designed to strengthen athletes in each individual facet of a triathlon.

A renowned coach, Joby takes a unique approach to training – preparing athletes for the physical endurance and mental perseverance needed to excel. Over the past 15 years, Joby has helped hundreds of triathletes prepare for Ironman and half Ironman races which includes. personal bests, podium finishes, age group wins, 70.3 qualifiers and Kona qualifiers.