Mammoth Triathlon Camp

June 22 - 24, 2018

Supercharge your season with our 2018 Mammoth Triathlon Camp and immerse yourself in a weekend jam-packed with epic training. This year's camp is  NOT for the faint of heart.  Plan on a lot of volume, quality training,  and mental toughness.  Give your fitness a mid season boost with our 2018 Mammoth Triathlon Camp where you can accumulate accumulate up to 15 hours of training over 3 days. 

Take a quick glance at this year's  schedule to get an idea of what we have planned for you.  Each workout is scaleable to your individual ability.  


AM - Open water skills practice in the crystal blue waters of June Lake.  In addition to working on open water skills, we will be doing some pace work.  

Mid Day - Bike climbing day up to Minaret Vista and Horseshoe Lake.  Each climb will be rewarded with some epic views and awesome descents.  Athletes will have the option of 2.5 - 3.5 hours of riding this day.  Finish up the ride with a short transition run

Afternoon - Mammoth Creek for an ice bath.

PM - Group Dinner (optional) - Join us at the local eatery for a chance to unwind and share a few drinks as we prepare for Saturday's training.


AM - Mixed terrain long ride.  This ride has a little of everything from flats, rollers, climbs and screaming fast descents. This is our big volume session so plan on 5 hours of riding.  Can be scaled for your riding fitness.

Mid Day - Mammoth Creek for an ice bath.

Afternoon - Pool swim session.  

PM -Group Dinner (optional) - You'll want to bring your appetite for this one.  


AM - Bike - Soul Crusher.   This bike workout is set up as a pace progression where you'll cycle through multiple rounds of bike intervals. After each interval on the bike you will complete a pace referenced run and dial in "race specific" running off the bike. 

Mid Day -  Video review. We can all hold it together when we are fresh, but what happens to your form when you start to fatigue. This is Ironman and Half Ironman racing.  During the morning bike/run workout we will capture video footage of your run in your most compromised/fatigued state and during this session we'll take a look at what you can do to improve.  Form under fatigue is key to a solid performance.   

PM- Pool session and technique work. Our final session of the weekend will include a technique focused session to help reinforce what you learned.

​6:30 - Pizza and Beer - We'll finish off the weekend of focused training with some relaxation, drinks and a few war stories from the weekend.

Coach Joby who yanked me waaaay out of my comfort zone.  Every day we were pushed a little harder and made to dig a little deeper. I’ve never ridden so many hills in one weekend in my life. I met amazing triathletes who inspired me to give just a little more and they were always ready with encouragement. Thank you so much Joby for pushing me and always ready with the right words. 

Michelle Dinsdale

You'll never do anything that will prepare you as much for triathlons as this camp. It's amazing.”

Dave Warren

It pushed me to my limits and showed me that I had much more to give. I always look back to my first Mammoth Triathlon Camp as the beginning of building my triathlon fitness. Having others around to push you was awesome"

Craig Tuthill

 While there was a feeling of friendly competition during the specific bike and run challenges, at no time did I feel out of place, intimidated or judged. The general feeling of camaraderie and inclusion was a surprise to me and really helped to make the entire experience something I will always remember.”

Marty Connelly

" We came away with with such huge smiles and the feeling like we had spent three days playing like kids on Christmas morning! Everyday was well planned out and each activity stacked nicely on top of the next. Joby’s ability to share his expertise in each discipline makes it possible for anyone of any level to take away something for their future training and racing.”

Tracy White

This was my third camp and every year it has been fantastic. The activities, routes and challenges were awesome and most important. The people that you assemble for the camp are great and I enjoyed the challenging activities that were planned each day.”

Bill Davis

More Details

Lodging – Most of us will stay at Horizons 4 Condos. This will be the start and end point of all our rides. Horizons 4 offers a lot of different room configurations and works really well if you’d like to share with friends. There are also plenty of other lodging options close by.

**Lodging is not included in the cost of the camp.

Group Dinners – If you’d like to join in on the group dinners we have made arrangements with some of the local restaurants that are able to accommodate our group. 

Fitness Level – At a minimum, you should be able to complete a 5 hour bike ride, 8 mile run and swim 1500m.  This focus of the camp this year is volume.  .Plan on putting in some work.

FC Method – You'll find the FC Method infused into all of the training you'll be doing. From pre-workout talks, workout challenges, and focus principles, you'll be exposed to the the method of training that has resulted in over 140 personal bests in 2015, 2016 and 2017. 

Modifications – Although we have planned a weekend full of epic training, we also understand that each person has unique needs.  We can modify rides and runs to suit your needs.  Just communicate with us in advance.

Post Dinner Treats

Minaret Vista

Incredible Summits 

Daily Ice Baths at the Creek

Cost:  $395

For specific triathlon camp questions, please contact Joby Gutierrez: or call (714) 803-6165