December 21


Can Alcohol Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals?

Regular alcohol consumption will  sabotage your quest to lose those last few pounds. Yes, even the low calorie and low carb drinks.

Your body uses a variety of fuel sources for energy – fat, carbohydrates, and protein.  A balanced diet results in fuel being delivered by all three of these sources.  This is ideal for weight maintenance and even weight loss.

However, throw alcohol into the equation and your body stops metabolizing fat.  Contrary to popular belief, alcohol is not converted to fat.   Rather, the alcohol calories are converted into acetate which enters your bloodstream and becomes the preferred fuel source. No longer does your body look to fat or carbohydrates as a fuel source. Essentially, you are shutting off the fat burning process.  A study by Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed a 73% reduction in fat  and carbohydrate metabolism for 3 hours after consuming only two 90 calorie vodka drinks. The more alcohol you consume the longer this window will be.

Another impact of alcohol is an increased appetite.  Food choices during this time are typically high in calories and fat, making wieight gain a reality for many.

What if I don’t eat anything when I drink?  Can I lose weight? Absolutely, but then we are dealing with malnutrition which is far more damaging to your goals as an endurance athlete.

The solution? Moderation has been and will always be the secret to success.  If you’re struggling to lose weight and you drink 5 or more drinks a week, then the solution is simple.  Drink less often.

BUT…….Are you willing to make this  change?


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