October 17


Cycling in Wet Conditions

I don’t know if was coincidence, but while on my run yesterday I witnessed three bike crashes/falls as a result of the rain…well, not entirely the rain. It was rain and carelessness. I thought I would take a few seconds to remind you of a few ways you can be safe out on the roads.

1. You are not as visible to cars, especially if the rain is coming down. Consider a small blinking tail light.
2. Your brakes will take longer to stop the bike. Pay particular attention on downhill descents, and give yourself twice as much distance to come to a stop.
3. Take your turns slower than normal. Yes, common sense but this is how the 3 falls I witnessed actually happened. Taking a turn too fast on wet roads = a fall.
4. Choose your roads wisely. Pick routes with wide bike lanes or even consider jumping on the Santa Ana River trail.
5. Consider and indoor trainer ride. I know it’s tough, but it will save you a lot of bike clean up time after your ride.

It’s not often we have to venture out in the rain here in Southern California, but when you do exercise a little more caution.


cycling in the rain, cycling wet roads

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