May 28


Don’t Make These Beginning Runner Mistakes

1) Running too many miles too quickly.  Gradually increase your mileage each week. As a general rule, don’t increase mileage more than 10% per week.

2) Running  every run hard.  Slow your pace down so that you are able to complete the entire distance.  Running too fast places added stress on tendons, ligaments and muscles.  Remember, your goal is to train throughout the entire training program.  Injuries will sideline you and set you back.

3) Running with poor quality shoes.   Invest in your body by purchasing a shoe that is built for your gait style. Have a professional evaluate your foot strike and then they can recommend a great pair of shoes that will work for you.  A Runner’s Zone, A Snails Pace and Road Runner Sports are all atores that will do this at no charge.

4) Inconsistent training.  Inconsistent training is the main reason for lack of progress.  Stick with your training plan and you’ll be sure to see results and improvement.


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