July 17


Dynamic Duo – Paul and Mia

Our featured athletes are Paul McGregor and Mia Gutierrez. These two are the best spectators on the planet. 


Here’s a few reasons why:

1.  They are there before the swim start of every race – usually in the dark with the rest of the triathletes.  

2.  You can spot them just about every time you come into transition and a dozen other places on the course, including the finish.

3.  Their communication is unparalleled as they often understand each other’s nod, shrug, wink, smile, laugh.  They are on the same page every hour of the race. If Paul takes off running to a different location, Mia knows why and they don’t even have to announce their next meeting spot on the course. 

4.  They can spot a Team FC athlete  anywhere on the course – often before the athlete’s spouse or significant other does so. 

5.  They know their times.  Mia can tell you within minutes of when Joby will be coming out of the swim, bike and run.  Paul is known to have spreadsheets that factor in wind and other race day elements and can tell you when Jillian will arrive.

6.  They are there until the very last Team FC  competitor finishes!!!!  Wow!!!  After a long day of spectating, Mia and Paul hang out to make sure each Team FC athlete gets the support they need.


In addition to being excellent spectators, they are also athletes in their own right.  Paul is a Krav Maga instructor and practitioner.  He leads classes and gives private lessons in this Israeli Self Defense fighting system.  Let’s just say that he can hurt you real bad if he wanted to.  Mia is an all around superstar who runs, specializes in high intensity workouts, does power yoga and helps other women develop fitness routines to suit their goals. Oh, she also has a pretty rock solid stomach too…..after two kids.

Mia and Paul, I cannot express how much it means to have your support at every race.  Both of you give your entire day to support our team.  Paul, I know you are there for Jillian and Mia I know you are there for me, but it’s truly remarkable that both of you stick around to see all of our teammates through the finish line.  I thank you so much for this. 


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