June 22


Friday Afternoon Run, Dinner, Saturday’s Ride

Meet in front of our conodo at 4:30 if you want to go for a run.  We will drive up to Horeshoe Lake.  Mileage will vary from 2-6 miles.

Dinner this evening is at 6:45.

Saturday’s Ride Sart time is 7:45.  Benton Crossing – see route below for details.  You’ll have to scroll down a little.  As a reminder, I will have water in the SUV.  Pack your extra gear in a small bag and stash it in the support vehicle before leaving.

I will be transporting the following individuals a few miles down the road where you’ll meet up with the riders who start from the condo.  Those who will jump in the support vehicle are:   Marie, Patrcia, Tony, Jeff, Ben, Karrie, Sean, and Vicki.  If we are loading your bikes, please arrive 5 minutes early.   Those who decide to ride  from the condo should be prepared to ride back up if we need you to.




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