November 4


Get the Most Out of Your Indoor Trainer with the Sufferfest Videos

I prefer to ride outdoors, but with less daylight and limited time, indoor rides become a necessity. When paired with a good fluid trainer, you can get so much out of an indoor workout. The last thing you want to do is approach an indoor ride with no plan – it will bore you to tears. Lately, I have been using the The Sufferfest videos to help keep me focused.

These videos are better than any cycling video I have ever used. I highly recommend these as they will help push you. The key to improving your bike speed it to spend time outside of your comfort zone – in the form of intervals. If you watch a movie while you ride, there is a real good chance that you are not working hard enough to get any real benefit out of your ride. Don’t fall into the trap of a lazy ride, especially indoors.

The scale of 1-10 that the videos use pair nicely with your power zones if you train with a power meter.

Level 10 = Anaerobic
Level 9 = VO2 Max
Level 7-8 = Threshold
Level 6 = Tempo
Level 5 = Endurance
Level 4 and below = Recovery

If you use heart rate, you’re better off going by perceived effort as the heart rate response will delayed and most likely off because you are indoors.

These videos are available as downloads and are less expensive than anything out there. You can buy the videos individually or buy the whole package. You will NOT be disappointed with these videos. Check out this sample overview

Use this link below to get your videos.  I like them all, but if you want to try one out I would suggest Local Hero.


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