December 11


Great Sport Specific Strength Workout

If you are guilty of just riding or only doing high intensity bike rides, then you’ll definitely want to give this workout a try.  The purpose of this workout is to develop on this bike strength.  The intensity is not so much a cardio pump, but you should feel it more in your leg muscles.  This is perfect for the beginning of you r season and as you build into the first race, you can modify this strength session to work its way closer to a race specific focus by increasing the cadence a bit.  Give this workout a try and let me know how your legs feel….the next day.


W/U 10-20 easy spin @ 85 – 95rpm @ Z-2 effort with some efforts in Z3 and Z4.  The purpose of the warm up is to prime your body for what’s ahead.

Main Set:
5 x 5 min @ 50-60RPM @ low Z-3
with 3-5min recovery spin between sets at a high cadence – 90 RPM +.
W/D with left over time @ 90RPM+ in Z-2

Remember,  you should feel it in the leg muscles more than anything else.


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