Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 12.22.03 PMCross the Finish Line With No Regrets and a Big Smile on Your Face.  

I help busy, time-crunched athletes achieve peak performance in Ironman and half Ironman triathlons. You can still maintain your career, family life and friendships while training for an Ironman or half Ironman if you’re willing to bring focus and purpose to your training.   Each year, 40-50 athletes following the FC Method, cross the finish line with a breakthrough performance or a new personal best and you could too.  Your training shouldn’t beat you up and make you feel weak and feeble.  There is a better way.

Let’s get the most out of each session.  No junk miles and no wasted energy; everything has a purpose. Through years of working with Ironman and half ironman athletes I have developed the FC Method. Plain and simple, this method gets results. In 2015 alone, the FC Method in resulted in 77 personal bests and it will work for you too if you’re willing to put in the work.  

Mega-Volume is NOT the Answer. 

You can still have a life and train for an Ironman.  Get out and surf, go fishing, play with your kids, go on dates with your significant other.  The FC Method builds you up by focusing on sport specific strength and speed before we add volume.  Say good by to junk miles and say hello to faster times and improved performance.

By now you have realized more training doesn’t mean faster times. Have your results been just average or even below average, despite consistent training? Race Ironman Arizona at your full potential.  Tap into what you deserve – a solid race you can be proud of.  One that will put a big smile on your face.

Approach your training with focus, purpose and intensity by completing workouts that have proven successful for so many of our athletes. Cross the finish line with the deep satisfaction knowing you raced Ironman Arizona or Ironman Cozumel to your full potential. Race your next Ironman and not just complete it. Let me help you get you get faster and stronger.

Ironman is such a head game and you need to be a mental giant on the course.

If not, the course will have it’s way with you.  Anyone who ever completed an Ironman knows just how challenging those mental battles can be.  No training plan can prepare you for the mental battles of race day and that’s why I have included mental strategies throughout your training.   I will prepare you to show up ready to wage war on that course and the best part is that you’ll walk away with a foundation to apply to all future races.   Athletes crumble all the time in Ironman racing and I won’t let that happen to you.  

How do I make this happen? In short, it’s purposeful training. The FC Method of training  targets all of the components of fitness (strength, strength endurance, speed endurance and endurance)  essential for success on race day. We time the build up so you are optimally prepared on race day. Bottom line, I’ll help you walk  away from your Ironman with a big smile on your face.


Think about why most people slow down in an Ironman and half Ironman. Very rarely is it a lack of aerobic endurance. Instead, muscles lose the ability to produce the necessary force to keep us moving quickly because they are over-worked and fatigued.  It’s crazy to think more and more miles will take care of this problem.  Sure it helps, but it’s not the most effective way to train.  

The Team Method of training helps you gain strength in all disciplines before even thinking about volume.   Why not focus on what will keep you from slowing down? Our group-coaching program builds the foundation so that your strength can match the potential of your aerobic capacity. We will prepare you to crush your next race.

But this is meaningless without a plan of execution.

I’ll teach you the strategies and decision making skills needed for a great performance.   Race day brings all sorts of temptations to sabotage the day.  I see it in every race I compete in.  I goes something like this. You’ll be feeling good, motivation will be high, and people around you will be going for it.   My job is to make sure you don’t fall into these race day traps so that when it really matters (mile 80 of the bike and mile 17 of the run) you are ready to let er rip.

You deserve a good performance!  

Walk away from the race knowing you did everything in your power to get the results you deserve.  No more regrets, no more “next season” promises, and no more settling.  Do this all with less volume, more purposeful training, and a results proven system of training, the FC method.

“I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.” – Vince Lombardi


My Story

I just qualified for Kona for the second year in a row.

I wasn’t always a Kona competitor.  In fact, it’s been a very long journey full of training mistakes. Ever feel like you’re putting in the work, but you don’t have a whole lot to show for it.  Well, that was me and I hated it.  

When I first started training for Ironman triathlons I fell into the trap of following the traditional periodization model and I logged lots of volume, completed mega rides and mega runs in preparation for my Ironman and half Ironman races. Did I mention that my social life was non-existent?  Sure I completed the races feeling decent, but I often wondered why other athletes were going so much faster. I knew my time in the sport would be limited if I continued down this path.  If I was getting faster I might have been able to hang in there, but I wasn’t.  My first two years in the sport saw big gains and then I just stagnated, despite training more and training harder.  I knew there was more.  I didn’t just want to simply complete the race. I wanted to get the most out of myself so I began questioning the traditional periodization model and looking for ways to get faster with less volume.

Over time I began switching my focus to really target the physiological systems that I needed to race fast. I moved away from predominantly endurance type training and instead focused on sport specific strength and speed which I then added the volume to. Today I am training 40% less, but I am so much more focused and the end result is I am faster. Sure volume has it’s place in training, but that is simply just one component of my training.  How would you like to train less, but get better results?

This training has evolved into the Team FC system that has quipped so many athletes to set new personal bests and walk away from their races happy and satisfied. What’s your “Kona”?  From first time Ironman triathlete to Ironman veteran, let me help make your aspirations a reality.  

The Team FC Method Involves The Following Principles

  1. Spend as much time in the foundational phase to build durability.  The more time we can spend here, the more gains you will make.  
  2. Ironman triathlon is a strength-endurance sport, so specific strength work on the bike, run and swim is a must.
  3. We train all the systems you need on race day strength, strength-endurance, speed, speed endurance, and endurance.
  4. Each workout focuses on a specific energy system an we’ll often combine two energy systems in one workout.
  5. Prepare the body to go long before going long. This is a crucial step if you want to race fast

The Team FC Method is what allowed me to make it to Kona, qualify other athletes for the World Championships (140.6 and 70.3), and help over 80 athletes reach new Ironman and Half Ironman personal bests. If you’re willing to put in the work, then the TeamFC method can work for you too.

Team FC Method

Wait, this program isn’t for everyone.

Our group coaching program is NOT for athletes who:

  • struggle to motivate for workouts
  • are happy just getting to the finish line
  • lack discipline and training is inconsistent
  • aren’t willing to embrace a new way of training
  • are looking for more individual type coaching (ie. more individual feedback and interaction)
  • have not completed at least one half Ironman

This program is for athletes who:

  • have a strong desire to improve
  • want to learn
  • will follow the details of the program and workouts
  • are open to a new way of training

What’s Included in Group Coaching?

  • Detailed training plan for Ironman Arizona or Ironman Cozumel
  • Access to our private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get advice on the many training topics we will cover.  
  • Mental preparation – In addition to regular swim, bike and run workouts, I will share the mental strategies so important for a breakthrough performance.
  • Nutrition guidance and resources to help educate you.
  • Myofascial release and mobility exercises to keep you training strong and consistent
  • Weekly topics delivered via video, audio and pdf
  • Race day execution guide to help you dial in your fitness for a strong performance
  • “Feel of pace” guide to help you tun into your intuitive pace clock.
  • Race week “Do’s and Don’ts” – I’ll take care of you all the way up to your event.


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