October 15


Guaranteed Power Improvement – Off Season Bike Program


Make 2015 a Faster Season

Our low volume Off Season Bike Program helps dedicated triathletes start off the 2015 season with more power. Yes, I am guaranteeing you’ll be producing more power at the end of this 5-week program.

“Dedicated triathletes” – You must be willing to put in the specific work detailed in the workout plan. This might go against what so many are accustomed to in the off-season.

“More Power” – Your bike potential in a triathlon is determined by your top end power and the higher we elevate this in the off season, the more opportunity for growth as the season progresses. We want you to be fast when it matters. This strength phase sets the stage for everything else.

“Less Volume” – Contrary to the high volume approach most employ in the off season, this low volume approach maximizes power gains.

This off season bike program isn’t for everybody. Let’s start with those who should skip out.

Who it’s not for?
New triathletes with limited cycling experience
Athletes with a solid track cycling background
Those who want to be race ready year round
Those looking for a quick fix. Despite the low volume, this is not easy.
Those unwilling to complete the very specific work detailed in the training plan
Injured athletes

Who it’s for?:
Long course triathletes who want a faster bike time and a faster run
Those willing to depart from traditional methods of training
Those who are willing to stick to the bike plan 100%
Those who want to learn more about the phases of training essential for peak performance

What you’ll get:
A 5-week bike plan designed to maximize power gains
Two in-person training sessions designed to ensure you are completing the workouts properly.
5 videos to teach you the phases of training

Our Guarantee: We guarantee you’ll improve your power at the end of the 5 weeks. If you complete all of your workouts as described, attend the two sessions and you fail to improve your 30 second and 60 second top end power, then we will refund your money. Those without of power meter will use an alternate baseline test

Why 30 second and 60 second? Most endurance athletes lack the essential power and strength to build upon. Endurance athletes don’t need more endurance; they need more POWER. Endurance comes later in the training cycle. Neglecting your top end power will limit your race speed. What keeps most long course triathletes from going faster isn’t lack of endurance; it’s lack of strength and power. Notice that we said this wasn’t for athlete with a track cycling background? These athletes already have well developed top end power.

In person sessions:
November 1st, 2014 @ 7:30 AM – Yorba Linda, CA
December 6th 2014 @ 7:30 AM – Yorba Linda, CA


Registration closes October 28th at 11 PM.  

If you want to be part  of our Off Season Bike Program, please  fill out this form and details of the first session will be emailed to you.  Please review “Who it’s for? and Who it’s not for?” to make sure this is something that you would benefit from.




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