The decision to hire a qualified triathlon coach should be well thought out.  Hiring a triathlon coach can help you perform to your full potential in the sport of triathlon. If you google “Ironman triathlon coach” or “triathlon coach”, you’ll have dozens to choose from and this can  be a little overwhelming.  Here are a few questions you may want to consider asking a potential coach: How many triathletes has triathletes have you coached? Do you specialize in coaching athletes for a certain distance?  For example, half ironman, ironman, Olympic or sprint. What level of athletes do you coach? What training software do you use?  Do you require your athletes to have any special equipment such as a GPS watch, power meter, heart rate monitor.

You should also take time to explore their website.  Not only should it be apparent that they have worked with a variety of athletes, but they should also have some resources that allow you get a feel for their coaching philosophy.