June 14


How to Get Faster Every Season

If you’re like most triathletes and runners you probably have your races scheduled out months and even a year in advance. Ideally, you have a few races that are your main focus – let’s call these “priority races”. In an effort to build up to these priority races you most likely have a few “training races”. The question is, “Do you reflect on these training races once they are completed?” You need to if you want to improve from season to season.

Next time you race ask yourself what you did well and what needs improvement. Try and take a step back to at your performance objectively. Once you have identified areas of concern make sure your training begins to address these. Finally, consider how this is related to your top priority race. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to focus on your flat time-trialing ability if your priority race is hilly.

Reflecting on your racing from season to season is what allows you to improve as an athlete.


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