December 9


Improve Your 4 Minute Power – A Helpful Benchmark

Improve Your 4 Minute Power - A Helpful Benchmark for a Breakthrough Season.

As we enter the off-season, most most successful triathletes will tell you there really is no official off season.  Rather, it's a shift in what you focus on in training.  Today we will be looking at how you can benefit from improving your 4 minute power.  

Keep in mind, this does not mean we are doing interval after interval during the winter months.  Many of our high intensity intervals are balanced with a good dose of aerobic work.  

The 4 minute power test is an excellent benchmark test you can easily add to your regular training.

How you target improvements in your 4 minute power will depend on the strength of your aerobic and anaerobic capacity.  

A focus on 4 minute power will not necessarily make you race ready, but that's okay at this point in the season.  Your next step once you improve your 4 minute power is to translate that into your race specific development .  


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