Elevate Your Performance

  • Identify What's Limiting Your Performance
    Most people train without ever knowing what their real limiters are.  You want to go faster, but what exactly is keeping you from getting there?
  • Highly Individualized
    INSCYD lets you know precisely which physiological performance you should target in training, where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and exactly how to train to reach your personal goals
  • Train Like the Pros
    Push your performance to the next level with INSCYD, a world class performance analysis software developed by leading European physiologists and coaches. Gain insight into your training as well as how to best peak for performance.  Monitor and assess each performance metric so you’ll know exactly what to work on as well as the effectiveness of what you are doing.


V02 Max and VLa Max

We’ll help you understand the relationship between V02 Max and Vlamax.  We all know a higher V02 Max is ideal, but did you know Vlamax plays a huge role in how efficiently you can race?

Viamax or glycolytic power impacts performance. A low VLamax would increase your anaerobic threshold and improve your fat combustion as an endurance athlete. This is critical for your Ironman and half Ironman performance.

On the other hand, a high VLamax increases the power available for attacks, sprints and short efforts. The anaerobic capacity can actually make the difference between winning and losing a race: the final lap, the final sprint, the final push – they are all decided by your glycolytic power.

Your race demands will dictate whether you should elevate or drop VLamax. Don’t waste your time training the wrong way. Know your VLamax – and tailor your training according to it.

Anaerobic Threshold

It is commonly known and accepted that there is a critical intensity (or power) as the highest intensity that allows for a “steady state” in your metabolism. People call this the anaerobic threshold, critical power or velocity. 

We’ll identify your precise threshold: the maximum intensity at which lactate combustion equals lactate production. Then you'll know the influence of physiological metrics on your threshold so you can elevate it with the right training intensities.

Fat Max - Improve Your Fat Burn

Burn more fat at race intensity so you crush your race. Fat combustion is the bottleneck of endurance performance. We are also able to measure and track this metric through our performance software. Then, create strategies to increase your energy expenditure from fat and thereby enhance your performance.

Carbohydrate Combustion

It is also crucial to understand precisely how much carbohydrates you burn during exercise. With this understanding, you can find the perfect level of fueling for your training and races and which level will actually fatigue or enhance your performance.


Economy of Movement

Economy relates to the conversion of energy into speed or power. Understanding economy means understanding how much energy is needed to move at a certain speed or produce a specific power. Improve this and you’ll move faster at the same energy cost.

Lactate Accumulation and Recovery

Are you a dedicated cyclist? Repeated high-intensity efforts are unavoidable in disciplines with random interval-type work demands, such as cycling.

Every bout of sprinting and attacking may result in lactate accumulation. The duration and intensity that an athlete can recover from these efforts are absolutely crucial. The ability to use lactate as a fuel and actually use it to optimize your performance is crucial in high-intensity sports. These kinds of capabilities are highly trainable with specific lactate shuttling workouts.


Come into our facility in Yorba Linda, CA for testing.  Testing slots vary by month.  Tests are typically scheduled 2-3 weeks in advance.

INSCYD PPD Testing (Bike or Run)

You can complete this test outside or on your trainer.  No lactate samples are necessary with this test.  You'll receive a very specific test protocol to complete on your local roads or on your trainer.

Step 1

Contact us with any questions.

Any questions about the test or which test is bet for you, reach out to us and we can help.

Step 2

Schedule Your Test

In person lactate testing is typically booked about 2-3 weeks out.  For the PPD power test, you won't need to schedule an in person test.

Step 3

Complete Your Test

After test is completed, we'll enter your test data into the INSCYD system and run the software to get your unique physiological data.

Step 4

Review Your Data

First, we'll send you a PDF summary and a video review of your results.  Next, we'll set up a phone/zoom consultation to answer any questions you have about your results.