Ironman Arizona Group Coaching


Awesome results start with a solid training program and race day simply becomes the reward for all your dedicated and focused work.

In the few years alone our methods have resulted in over 100 athletes finishing with new personal bests, Kona Qualifiers, and you could too. Don’t leave your results at Ironman Arizona to chance.

Welcome to the FC Method of training!! Get the most out of each session.  No junk miles and no wasted energy; everything has a purpose.


We work exclusively with half ironman and ironman triathletes and over the years we have refined our craft to help you race faster.  Not just results for a few people, but for hundreds of athletes.

Ironman performance is not about lots of swimming, biking and running. Don’t settle for the same old training methods. The FC Method is proven and has produced results for the past 13 years.

Make the best use of your time and stop wondering if what you're doing will bring results. We'll structure the training so all you have to worry about is completing your workouts, knowing our methods will get you to the start line fully prepared to "race" Ironman Arizona.

James Jurado

2015 was the best season I've had thanks to FC Endurance coaching/group training.  The FC Method of training  was hands down the most time efficient plan I've done compared to traditional periodized methods. Focusing on building a strength foundation allowed me to be able to balance a busy work schedule and family life, without having to do tons of junk miles/volume. I felt I was in the best shape of my life


The FC Method of coaching  works for all athletes who are committed to personal improvement. In fact, this is the common bond for many of the athletes we coach, whether you are racing for yourself, another team or for FC Endurance. If your desire is to make yourself better and get the most out of your potential, then jump on board to a new way of training.

Walk away from Ironman Arizona with NO regrets, no more "next season" promises, and no more settling. Do this all with less volume, more purposeful training, and results proven system of training, the FC method.

Mile Alzona

I'm so glad I decided not to copy a plan from a book and do this Ironman training on my own. The awesome coaching and training philosophy is one thing, but the motivation, support, and camaraderie that goes along with Team FC is the frosting on the cake


18 Week Online Program

You'll have access to an intermediate and advanced training plan specifically design for Ironman Arizona. All plans are delivered via Training Peaks.

Private Facebook Group

Access to our private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get advice on several training topics from coach Adam and  Joby.

Arizona Ironman Specific

This online plan includes specific details about intervals, intensity volume as well as explanations of the purpose/goal of the workout.

Mental Preparation

Provide mental preparation and strategies that are so important for a breakthrough performance.

Nutrition Guidance

Nutrition guidance and resources to help educate you for optimal performance.

Mobility Resources

Includes stretching and mobility exercises to keep you training strong and consistent.

Pacing Guide

We'll teach you how to dial in your “feel of pace” to help tune into your intuitive pace clock.

Race Day Tactics

We will also cover Race Day Strategy Principles – to let you know when to hold back and when to go for it.

Weekly Topics

Weekly topics delivered via video, audio and pdf formats

Kristie Dodge

I really enjoyed having a “group” to discuss training issues, frustrations and accomplishments. It was good to have a moral support group when my own “voice of reason” wasn’t to be trusted. Even though I’ve never met any of my teammates yet because of where I live, I still feel part of a team, and have made some new tri buddies.


While our program is very effective, we can't help everyone.  If you want to fully benefit from Ironman Arizona Group Coaching, then you should have a strong work ethic, a history of consistent training, the ability to follow a highly structured program and a burning desire to improve. If you only want to "casually" train for Ironman Arizona, then we know this isn't the right program for you. We like to be upfront from the beginning.

Fitness Level - In order to successfully complete the program, athletes must be able to swim 1.2 miles, bike 65 miles, and be able to run for 8 miles.  Your  speed isn't important, but we want to make sure you can complete the distances.


Does this include in-person sessions?

What if I have questions about the training?

Is this program customized for me?

Will you review my workouts?

IMAZ Program is Full


Coach Adam

If you are an "action taker" and "go getter" who is willing to put in the work every single day, we can help you!  FC Endurance helps focused athletes get results.   The FC Method will get you to your goal and we are confident of this. So confident that we are offering you a 100% money back guarantee for this Ironman Arizona Group Coaching. Within the first 2 weeks of the program if you are not convinced the program will work for you , just let us know you want out and we'll refund your money. It’s that simple. No hoops to jump through, no forms to fill out.

Why a guarantee? As I said earlier, the FC method is not for everyone. If our program doesn’t seem like it will benefit you, then we will gladly give you your money back and we can part ways knowing we are not a match. No harm, no foul.

Coach Joby

Chris Lenihan

Registering for the group coaching was the single best decision I could have made in order to complete an Ironman as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you are self motivated and have the desire and dedication to reach your goals, then this is the place for you. You will receive the guidance and tools to prepare (both mentally and physically) to not only get you through the training but to execute on race day

Phil Haworth

I'm a firm believer in the FC Method. The strength-focused approach WORKS.   I was absolutely prepared and felt STRONG throughout race day (despite the pouring rain and cold).  I love it when a plan comes together"


Wayne Wilson

You helped me with all phases in my training and preparation (fitness, endurance, mental toughness).  This group coaching prepared me for this day and I felt I was in the best shape to make this happen.  I heard your voice in my head all day long.  It played out like you said."