April 29


How Trevor Fueled His Way to the Ironman World Championships

How Trevor Fueled Hist Way to the Ironman World Championships

Trevor just raced Ironman Texas last weekend and qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.  A big part of his success was the right fueling and pacing plan.  So much happens on the bike, so it's essential that you match your wattage with an appropriate intake of carbohydrates.  In most cases, you should only push the watts that you can successfully fuel on race day. 

One of the first goals for Trevor was to reduce his VlaMax, or glycolytic capacity.  Too much lactate is detrimental to your Ironman success.  As we reduced his VlaMax, his threshold and race power increased.  We used INSCYD to test Trevor throughout his training.

Let's take a look....


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