Success at St. George 70.3

 5 Training strategies for a great race

Learn how to make the most of your training time

 and get the results you DESERVE 

Conquer the challenge of the St. George 70.3 course and walk away with a big smile on your face.  Streamline your training and focus your energy on what will make you faster.  Simply getting out and training isn't enough for a breakthrough performance at St. George 70.3.  

Make This Year Different

​Without a solid plan in place, St. George 70.3 can end in disappointment,  But it doesn't have to be this way. Instead of hoping that your race will go well, be certain of it. I want to help you go out there and crush the course.  I'll share the methods and principles that have qualified me and some of my athletes for the World Championships (both 70.3 and 140.6) as well as 77 personal bests in 2015.  Yes, some even PR'd at Ironman St. George.

Presented by Joby Gutierrez, 
Ironman Triathlon Coach
2X Kona Qualifier

In This 5 Part Presentation You'll Learn:

  • Why riding more hills is not enough
  • What cycling specific strength workouts will build durability
  • The one progression you should build into all of your hill running
  • Why mobility and and glute recruitment is just as important as your fitness
  • How to begin implementing these strategies today

Crush the Hills of St. George 70.3

A hilly course doesn't have to mean a miserable experience