April 2


Jillian, Laura, Bill, Tammy Lynn, Michelle and Jody, you made my day with these results at Oceanside 70.3

Every  time you step onto the line to race I have a personal interest in your performance.  As your coach, I do as much as I can to prepare each of you for optimal performance and I do not take this responsibility lightly.  Today, I had the privilege to watch the race unfold as each of you successfully executed the race plan and achieved your goals.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to see that each  one of you posted a new half ironman PR.

New Personal Best? How Much Improvement? 2011 Oceanside 70.3
Laura Booher Yes 6 minutes 6h 46m 19s
Jillian Chaney Yes 18 minutes 5h 45m 46s
Bill Davis Yes 26 minutes 6h 13m 26s
Tammy Lynn Donarummo Yes 28 minutes 6h 9m 42s
Michelle Foo Yes 2 hours 20 minutes 6h 6m 8s
Jody Horton Yes 59 minutes 7h 12m 9s

In long course racing, the swim is not the spot to gain any significant time. I know, swimmers won’t like to hear this. Long course is all about the bike and the run and that’s why we focus most of our training in these two disciplines.   Notice the improvement on the bike and run for each one of you.

Swim Bike Run
Laura Booher 5 min slower 1 minute faster 7 minutes faster
Jillian Chaney 30 seconds slower 7 minutes faster 12 minutes faster
BIll Davis 3 min slower 3 minutes faster 26 minutes faster
Tammy Lynn Donarummo 1 minute faster 4 minutes faster 24 minutes faster
Michelle Foo 45 seconds faster 1 hr and 48 minutes faster 1 hour and 50 minutes faster
Jody Horton 20 seconds slower 18 minutes faster 44 minutes faster


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