March 25


Keith Woodside – Team FC Athlete of the Month

Recent Performances
March 24th – 3rd place at the Into the Wild Trail Run 21k
March 16th – 3rd place(as part of a 3 person team – Team FC) in the Free Motion Fit Games held at the LA Convention Center

Keith’s most recent performance at the Into the Wild 21k, a local trail race with over 2,000 ft of climbing in just over 13 miles, is only a glimpse of things to come. Any coach would love the opportunity to work with this dedicated athlete. I am fortunate to be the chosen one.

Results don’t tell the full story about Keith so here are my reasons for choosing Keith as the athlete of the month.

1) Keith has tons of positive energy. I think I can speak for everybody when I say that he energizes any workout he is part of.

2) Keith made his workouts a priority. Keith and I both agreed that when things got busy at work, his run workouts needed to remain priority #1. This meant many pre-dawn runs as well as late night runs. Keith made a conscience decision to do this day in and day out. One of Keith’s highlights was hitting the 150 mile mark for the month of February.   His last run to get him to the 150 mile mark was a 9 mile run late at night after a long day of work….on the last day of February.

3) Keith incorporated strength training in the off season. We decided that in order to handle this year’s training load Keith would need to build up a solid base of strength. He did!!! We often met in the early hours of the morning for some pretty intense workouts.

4) Keith wears many hats and still manages to get all of his training completed. Here are a few of his responsibilities:

Dad – Keith is the proud father of two beautiful little girls – Kate and Paige. His dedication and love to these darlings is apparent to anybody who has ever witnessed their interaction.
Husband – Keith’s wife Jen calls my wife daily to tell her how lucky she is to be married to such an incredible man. Ok, maybe not but I know Keith is pretty good catch and Jen does say some nice things about him.
Coach – Keith coaches his daughter’s youth soccer team. Anybody who has ever coached 7-8 year old girls knows how exhausting this can be.
Boss Man – Keith is also responsible for one of the largest asphalt companies in Southern California. With a demanding job such as this, it’s not uncommon for Keith to be on the road by 6:30 AM with a solid 8 mile run already completed

What’s next?
After a few more months of trail running we will transition to road racing, where you will see the strength gained over the previous 6 months begin to take shape. This is the first time we will introduce true marathon specific speed work into his program. With his eyes set on the Santa Barbara Marathon, there is no stopping Keith.


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