May 7


Keith Woodside

Race schedule for 2012? Big Baz Trail Series 21K, Into The Wild OC Trail 20K, Holcomb Valley Trail Run 15 Miler, Worlds Finest City Half Marathon, Santa Barbara Marathon.

What motivates you to train?   Staying healthy both mind and body.  Trying to be a role model for my children by showing them being active and physically fit can provide positive benefits such as; confidence, teamwork, reliability, and lots of fun!

Favorite quote?  I don’t have one in particular but I always tell my girls no matter what happens in life, sports, school, etc.  “Never quit on yourself”

What advice do you have for new triathletes?  Training is the key to success for any distance, but don’t let it run your life.  Do your best to prepare, become a better time manager, a better communicator to your loved ones and employer/employees and coach (if you have one).  You WILL miss a workout, you might have to cut some workouts short, but stay positive, stay within yourself and you will achieve things you never thought possible!  MY NUMBER ONE RULE ALWAYS IS HAVE FUN!





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