Your blood lactate concentrations at various intensities clearly identify the strength of your aerobic system.

Highly trained endurance athletes do produce lactate, but their bodies are efficient at clearing it, which is why their blood lactate concentration remains low.

If your goal is to improve your endurance performance, knowing the intensity at which your lactate levels first jump is a critical training intensity.

If lactate accumulates at "easy efforts", then this is bad news for endurance athletes who are aiming for efficient speed over long distances. Optimize your efficiency by knowing exactly where you need to spend time training.  

Blood lactate levels at various intensities give valuable insight into the muscle fibers being recruited for the give rate of energy production." - Iñigo San Millán


A blood lactate step test measures the lactate level in an athlete's blood across varying intensities of exercise. 

The test starts at a relatively low work rate, progressively increasing, and blood lactate samples are collected at each stage.  Blood lactate levels are expected to remain at or near resting levels during the early stages of the test. The heart rate, and power/speed at each stage are recorded, along with the corresponding blood lactate concentration.

The test continues until the blood lactate concentration spikes significantly, indicating that you have crossed your lactate threshold. This is the point at which the body produces lactate faster than it can be cleared, resulting in an accumulation in the blood. 





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