November 21


Looking for an Iornman Arizona Training Plan or Your Own Ironman Coach?

Training for Ironman Arizona or any other Ironman for that matter will take discipline, dedication, and perseverance.  By now you have already signed up for the race and your training is just about to begin.  Some will opt for the official Ironman Arizona training program, others will print off a free Ironmantraining plan and others will opt for more personal approach.  If you are considering hiring a coach to help your through Ironman Arizona, then here are a few things to consider.

First,  make sure the coaching agreement allows for  interaction between you and your coach.  Be  suspicious of a training plan  that only allows one email per week or charges extra for phone calls.  You should feel like your coach is personally vested in your training and in no way should you feel like you are bugging your coach when you have questions.

Secondly, make sure your coach is able to give you a specific race day plan of attack that is specific to you as an athlete.  Don’t settle for a plan that gives general advice that can be applied to any athlete.  You should know what your heart rate or power output should be as well as your pacing on the run.  The coach should personally review multiple scenarios that may come up in the race.  I call these “if…., then…” statements. 

Third, “google” your prospective coach.  Sounds a little stalker-ish, but you can find out a lot about  a coach’s credibility by looking online.

Finally,  go with  your gut when you first speak to your prospective coach.  If something tells you that they really don’t care all that much, then walk away.  Also, I would encourage you to walk away from any high pressure sales tactics.  A good coach will explain their method and then allow  you to make the decision.


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