May 31


Mammoth Cycling Camp – Day 1: June Lake Loop

June Lake Loop Directions
Exit June Lake parking lot
@ 7/10 mile – Right onto Garbage Pit Road
@ mile 1.0 Right onto June Lake Loop (Hwy 158)
Continue on 158
@ mile 15.7 Right onto Hwy 395
Stay on far right shoulder. Plenty of room here.
@ mile 21.8 Right on Hwy 158
@ mile 22.8 Right on Garbage Pit Road
@ mile 23.2 Left on June Lake beach Road and follow path back to June Lake. If you want to add on mileage, then don’t turn left here and continue heading on Garbage Pit Road.

Add on mileage
Continue on this road and from this point on you will only make left hand turns. This road will dead end at Hwy 158 @ mile 26.3. Make a left onto 158
Make a left @ mile 29.1 and head back to June Lake.


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