Wetsuits Optional

We are not planning any June Lake swims but bring it if you think you may try and escape up to June Lake for a swim.

Beware of the Speed Traps

Lone Pine, Big Pine, Independence and Bishop are infamous for the speed traps.  The speed limit quickly goes from 75 to 25 mph as you enter the towns.  At the entrance and exit of each town there is an officer waiting.  Don’t get a ticket.  One year we had 3 people get a ticket.

Happy Hour at 7PM on Thursday Night

Before we begin our official Mammoth Triathlon Camp Informational Meeting at 8PM, we’d like to invite all of you over for Happy Hour.  We will have some appetizers for all to enjoy.  Bring your favorite beer wine or to share.

Weekend Schedule

4:30 Horseshoe Lake run – Optional for those who are up there early
7:00 Happy Hour – Optional…..but it’s a lot of fun
8:00 Informational meeting
7:30 – (2 – 2.5  hours total) Minaret climb and mammoth Scenic loop. We will also set up a seeding time trial for Saturday.
11:45 – Run workout, form clinic and a little video
3:45 PM – Team Relay Challenge – You will be divided into teams of 5
6:30 Dinner
7:00 – 1:o0- (4-5 hour ride) Benton Crossing to Mono Lake – We’ll start from the condos
4:00PM – “Predict your 3 mile time” run challenge 
6:30 PM – Dinner
7:30 (2.5 – 3 hour ride) Mammoth to Bishop
1:00 – Review run video footage from Friday
3:30 -5:00 – Swim workout, swim mechanics and video
6:00 – Review swim footage
7:00 – Dinner and Mammoth Tri Camp Recognition – Mammoth Mountain Man/Woman, Most Motivational, and  Most Inspirational

Horizons 4 Condos

2113 Meridian Blvd.
Mammoth Lakes CA 93546
Here are the room assignments.  Check in at the front desk and let them know the unit you are staying in.
#168 – Joby, Mia, Paul, Jillian, Adam, Diana
#176 – Tracy, Scott, Erin, Carolyn
#172 – Laura, Nancy, Adrienne
#167 – Thierry, Robin, Bob
#175 – Keith, Bill
#120 – Doug, Augie
#127 – Jay and Liz
#123 – Erren


Day 1: Minaret and Scenic Loop
We’ll start off with some nice elevation gain.  2600 ft in 26 miles.  We also will feature ou seeding time trial during this ride. http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/440325596
Here’s a look at the 1 mile seeding time trial…it’s only a mile. http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/440337514
Day 2 Mammoth to Benton Crossing to Mono Lake
This is our grand daddy ride.  This is my favorite route of all in Mammoth.  I seriously have perma-grin every time I’m on this road. About 4,000 feet of climbing with lots of fun downhills.
Here’s the Time Trial for Saturday.  We’ll do this with our ride
Day 3 Mammoth to Round Valley
It’s been a couple of years since we did this route.  Always fun. http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/440373080