November 13


Michelle Seidel – Team FC Featured Athlete

Michelle recently completed her first 70.3 distance triathlon at the Soma Half Ironman in a time of 5:41:23, earning a 10th place age group finish.  Wow!  That’s pretty good for your first half ironman.

Back in July Michelle set her eyes on Soma as her target race.    In  preparation for this half ironman, Michelle completed a few lead up races.  She won her age group at the Carpenteria Olympic  Triathlon in late September.  In late August she completed the Santa Barabara Long Course Triathlon (just shy of a half ironman) and posted a 9th place age group finish.

In a few days Michelle will be volunteering at Ironman Arizona, giving her the opportunity to register for the 2013 race.  No pressure:)

Michelle, it is so inspiring to watch your gains in fitness and overall development as a triathlete.  Your work ethic, your persistence, your ability to put yourself through some serious discomfort have all contributed to your success.  It is a true joy to coach you, Michelle.  I am looking forward to your continued development and success.

Congrats Michelle!!


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