Lake Las Vegas
Triathlon Camp
November 3-4, 2018

Epic Training

Finish your 2018 season with the FC Endurance Triathlon Camp in Lake Las Vegas, NV and immerse yourself in weekend full of focused training. Approach your next triathlon with confidence, determination and a set plan of attack. 

Our Lake Las Vegas Triathlon Camp  is ideal for triathletes with a late season Ironman/Half Ironman or those looking for a solid weekend of training.  This weekend is learning the Keys to Successful Racing. Each day we will go through a very specific progressive build workout to help simulate what you should be doing on race day.  This is where you can make last minute tweaks to your pacing and race strategy.  Don't wait until race day to figure it out.

This weekend will help you fine tune your fitness and dial in your race day pacing.  This is NOT a "get in shape" weekend, so please make sure you fitness level will allow you to complete the workouts.

Each person will go through the specific race prep workouts I put myself through leading up to my target races.  Like many of you, I will be getting ready for Ironman Arizona and I'll be training right along side you. 

Doing La Quinta 70.3? This will be a great opportunity to test yourself with a highly specific pacing plan.  

Not racing?  Looking for a structured weekend of training with a bunch of other focused athletes,? Come  learn pacing skills essential for race day performance. 

On Saturday we will review important  race-specific topics such as fueling, mental strategies to get the most out of your races, and pacing.  

Short & Sweet

Though it may be short & sweet (Saturday & Sunday), this camp will be impactful, insightful, and full of tools to help bring your training to new levels.  Here's a look at the weekend schedule.


7:00 AM pool swim - we will be swimming in a 50 meter pool...all to ourselves. Plan on 60 minutes of swimming.  

8:45: We'll head out on a 4 hour ride over rolling terrain. This will be a progressive build and each of you will have certain wattage targets in mind.  We''ll finish the bike with a short transition run.

**If you're not doing a Fall Ironman we can shorten the total volume here!

Saturday Afternoon

4:00 Nutrition workshop. Here you will learn how to optimize your nutrition for race day, how fueling yourself plays an impact to your output AND get all your burning questions answered.  We'll also suggest off season dietary tweaks to help make the most of your 2019 season.  


8:00 AM - Bike Progression. We will go through a very targeted bike session with increasing intensity. Nail this session and you will be ready for your next race...

10:30 - Run Progression ​
The focus here is easy speed. No need to overdo it. Just like the bike, you’ll need to control early so you can push as the run progresses. You have to successfully practice in training to master this on race day.

Optional pool swim in the afternoon.

More Details

Lodging – All training will take place in Henderson, Nevada. Rides will leave from the Lake Las Vegas area in Henderson.  There are plenty of hotels to choose from.  

**Lodging is not included in the cost of the camp.

Group Dinners – We'll head out for group dinners a few of the nights.  Please feel free to join in on this.  

Fitness Level – Please take a few minutes to review the schedule to make sure you are comfortable with the volume.  

FC Method – You'll find the FC Method infused into all of the training you'll be doing. From pre-workout talks, fueling guidelines, and focus principles, you'll be exposed to the the method of training that has resulted in over 200 personal bests and multiple Kona and 70.3 World Championship qualifiers.  

Modifications – We also understand that each person has unique needs.  We can modify rides and runs to suit your needs.  Just communicate with us in advance.

Lake Las Vegas Triathlon Camp

We'd like to find out a little about you before you officially register for the camp.

Cost of the camp is $260

What Athletes Have to Say

As a novice triathlete I felt very welcomed by the coaches and athletes. While there was a feeling of friendly competition during the specific bike and run challenges, at no time did I feel out of place, intimidated or judged. The general feeling of camaraderie and inclusion was a surprise to me and really helped to make the entire experience something I will always remember.”

Marty Connelly

" We came away with with such huge smiles and the feeling like we had spent three days playing like kids on Christmas morning! Everyday was well planned out and each activity stacked nicely on top of the next. Joby’s ability to share his expertise in each discipline makes it possible for anyone of any level to take away something for their future training and racing.”

Tracy White

This was my third camp and every year it has been fantastic. The activities, routes and challenges were awesome and most important. The people that you assemble for the camp are great and I enjoyed the challenging activities that were planned each day.”

Bill Davis

For specific triathlon camp questions, please contact Joby Gutierrez: or call (714) 803-6165