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Orange County Tri Club Follow up Information

Here are some great resources for hydration and fueling. These articles will give you more detailed information about what I covered regarding Race Nutrition.   Check this out Here are the the link to the videos I showed: Osmo Video and Skratch Labs Video Here is what I do for race day nutrition.   Want more information […]

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Meet Osmo – My Hydration and Nutrition Strategy

My nutrition and hydration strategy has significantly evolved since I first started racing Ironman distance over 8 years ago. All of this changed when I discovered Osmo Hydration  back in July of 2012.  Dr. Stacy Sims, the founder and brains behind Osmo, introduced a concept of “food in the pocket and hydration in the bottle”. […]

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Hydration and Nutrition Resources for Ironman Athletes

I am frequently asked about what I recommend for hydration and nutrition.  Nutrition is such an individual consideration, but there are some universal principles that are helpful.  I use many of the recommendations set forth in the articles/links below.    Take some time to review these and then experiment for yourself. Gels – Why to avoid them […]

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The Best Way To Lose Weight…In a Nutshell

Are you an endurance athlete struggling to drop those last few pounds?  The answer?…….. Regulate your insulin levels through balanced eating.  By now we all know how important it is to eat clean and avoid processed food, but let’s take this a step further.  Anytime you consume an excess of carbohydrates you have a corresponding […]

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Can Alcohol Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals?

Regular alcohol consumption will  sabotage your quest to lose those last few pounds. Yes, even the low calorie and low carb drinks. Your body uses a variety of fuel sources for energy – fat, carbohydrates, and protein.  A balanced diet results in fuel being delivered by all three of these sources.  This is ideal for weight maintenance and […]

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Endurance Athletes: Do You Know Your Sweat Rate?

Lack of water = dehydration Most triathletes and marathoners don’t typically go into severe dehydration, buteven moderate dehydration can wreak havoc on your pacing. Prevent dehydration by knowing your sweat rate. Knowing your sweat rate will help you determine how much you should drink. Here is a quick and easy calculator you can use: […]

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Endurance Athletes: Do You Have a Race Day Nutrition Plan?

During long distance endurance events such as an Ironman, Half Ironman, ultra marathon, or marathon our bodies will burn far more calories than we are capable of consuming. Take in too few calories and you’re going to hit the wall and bonk. Take in too many calories and you could be sidelined with gastrointestinal distress(stomach […]

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