Off Season Bike Program for Triathletes
A Faster, Stronger and More Powerful 2019

​​​​Be YOUR Potential

Build the strong foundation you need for a faster and stronger bike split as well as a base for your run development. "In-season" performance begins with the right foundation and we'll show you exactly how to do it.  

Each year our athletes make big gains in triathlon and you could too if you start with the right foundation.  ​

Join us for this intensive 14-day educational course that will show  you how to set up your off season training to help build strength, speed and power.  

Not getting the results you want? 

Then it’s time to change your off-season training. Jump on board a proven method of training; an approach that has worked for hundreds of athletes. Make 2019 your best year yet!! Take a look at the personal best performances of our athletes for the month of September 2018.  

Personal Best Performances in September - November 

Ironman Maryland

Ironman Maryland

Ironman Louisville

Santa Cruz 70.3

Santa Cruz 70.3

Santa Cruz 70.3

Santa Cruz 70.3

Superfrog 70.3

Ironman Arizona

Ironman Arizona

Ironman Arizona

Ironman Arizona 

Too much endurance training can thrash you hormonally.

One of the fastest ways to drop your testosterone levels (important for endurance performance for both male and female athletes). Our high intensity bike sessions will provide structure for your rebuilding period this off-season.

Each year we see our athletes make amazing gains by building POWER, STRENGTH and SPEED during the off-season. The proof is is the results we see year after year.

Don’t make the mistake of logging lots of miles this off season in hopes of an improved bike next year. 

While this can work for those who have a ton of extra time, the amount of volume you’ll need to put in is rarely attainable for most of us. Despite the best intentions, most cannot properly build their fitness using the big volume approach during the off-season. In fact, most don’t even have the proper base of strength to make this approach beneficial. We have a better way.

Drop Body Fat and Improve Lean Muscle

Did you know, volume and endurance training is not the most efficient way to lose body fat? Of course, this type of endurance training is ABSOLUTELY necessary as we are building up for a race. BUT it’s not necessary for the off season. Short duration, high-intensity upper aerobic and anaerobic work helps you rev up your fat burning furnace. Plus, you can do it in a fraction of the time. 

What's Included in the 14 day program?

Detailed explanations of "why".  The purpose of the program is to teach you how to set up your off -season training to optimally develop your strength, speed and power.  

2- week training program with 3 weekly cycling workouts (a 4th workout is optional in the program).  This program is designed to be repeated for a total of 4-6 weeks. 

Workouts are 30 min to 45 minutes of cycling with an option of one longer session.

Coach support via a private Facebook group where you can ask questions.  This is where the information will be presented.

Program Begins December 8th

Register by December 2nd for this free program

“The FC Method was very different from what I was used to in the past. The training was very focused, structured, and easy to fit into a busy schedule. Uploading my workouts on a daily basis was a huge motivator. It acted as a form of accountability to complete every workout. I didn’t just see minor results with the FC training method, but for me I saw significant results. At Ironman Texas 2017, I had a new personal best bike and run split and new Ironman personal best overall time. With this said, I was also able to obtain a slot to the 2017 World Championship in Kona!"

Alison Wenster - Ironman Triathlete

“The custom nature of FC Endurance  was the reason I enjoyed my triathlon experience as much as I did over the past 6 years. Whatever I had going on in my life week to week  I was able to let Joby know and we adjusted my plan to incorporate the situation. I always felt confident and comfortable that I was preparing properly and that all three aspects of triathlon training were being met – and progressing. I never went into a race as a FC Endurance coached athlete feeling like unprepared or lacking confidence!"

Marty Connelly - Ironman Triathlete

"Graphs lines and numbers are one thing but I can tell you and you should know this already, I have gone farther and faster this year at 63 than ever before!  I have you and hard work to thank for that. "

Tom Lauderdale - Ironman Triathlete

"I'm grateful to have found FC Endurance. I thought I had hit a plateau on the swim, but I broke through that in a big way at Chula Vista and then again at IMAZ. My bike strength has improved greatly, as has my running speed. Thank you. Your coaching efficiently channeled my hard work into performance gains I could but have imagined one year ago. I worked SO hard this year, and my IMAZ result was the perfect finish to a fantastic year in triathlon for me. That's 1 hour and 18 minutes faster than my last Ironman in Arizona"

Phil Haworth - Ironman Triathlete