March 26


Orange County Ironman Triathlon Coach Offers Ironman Course

I am excited to share some of the training principles that we use to help our triathletes race faster and stronger at the half Ironman and Ironman distances.  This Everything Ironman course is available in May, 2015. Registration opens April 21st.  If you you don’t have an Ironman coach or triathlon coach to help you through your training, then this is a good start.  If you are a triathlon coach looking to improve your results with you athletes, this course will offer a new way of looking at how you build up an athletes training.

Why Online?  In the past we have hosted various workshops in the North and South Orange County areas.  Those unable to attend have frequently asked for a recorded version….so we listened.  

This course will be ideal for those who have a late season Ironman such as Ironman Arizona, Ironman Florida, Ironman Cozumel, Ironman Lake Tahoe and Ironman Maryland.


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