August 6


Our Actions Impact Others

Last weekend a number of us completed the Vineman Aquabike in Santa Rosa.  After completing the race each competitor racked their bikes in the designated Aquabike section.  Many of us racked our bikes, went to the awards ceremony, then to the food tent and finally back to pick up our gear.

At this time a female competitor approached the Aquabike rack after just finishing the race.  Jillian Chaney  keenly observed that she was a little distraught.  Jillian asked about her race and the woman explained that  she had three flats during the course of the race and that she just missed the cut off time.  As a result, she did not receive her finisher’s medal.  Jillian proceeded to take off her very own medal, placed  it around the neck of the other female competitor and said, “you earned this…you completed the race and you deserve this medal.”

The female competitor looked absolutely surprised and with a tearful  display of gratitude stood up and gave Jillian a huge hug.  No amount of words can express what she was feeling.  Jillian’s selfless action touched this lady immensely.

Jillian wouldn’t announce this to anybody – it’s just the way she is.  It’s actions like this and people like Jillian that make Team FC the type of team I am proud to be associated with.  Jillian, thanks for your great example.  You touched this lady in ways you never realized.  I guarantee she will remember what you did every time she looks at her medal.


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