What is a personal skill session? Think of these as similar to personal training sessions for endurance athletes. The good thing about these sessions is that you have an experienced coach and trainer at your side and you get to choose what you do with the time. Here are some ways that you can make these Personal Skill Sessions work for you.

Training Partner: Having trouble with motivation? It helps to have a coach and encourager by your side. Whether it’s a track workout, hill repeats, a tempo ride or any other workout you need that extra push for, you don’t have to do it alone. We can be there to keep you motivated, encouraged and answer your questions.

Trail Running: Trail running can be tough. It’s far different than hitting a track or the street near your home. If you’re nervous about doing a trail run in a new location or perhaps just doing it on your own, call us. We’ll set up a Personal Skill Session for you that will allow you to benefit from the experience of a veteran trail runner.

Running Form Follow Up: If you have already had a running form analysis, we arrange follow up sessions to work with you. This will help you to use your running form data to improve and grow your skills and athleticism.

Bike Skills: If you’re new to riding in groups or need help with basic bike handling skills, then our Bike Skills Development Session is perfect for you. Even if you just want to refine your skills or practice with a group of of riders from beginners to intermediate, then these sessions are for you.

Looking for triathlon training in orange county and crave more than a large group training experience? These sessions are perfect for you.  Combine these individual training opportunities with one of our triathlon training programs.  Get the the individual feedback and attention you need to take your triathlon training to the next level. Get ready for your next Half Ironman or Ironman. Training takes place in the greater Orange County area.  Most cycling and running will begin in Yorba Linda.

Cost: $75/hour