Triathletes, Improve Your Bike Power In 5 Weeks 

Tired of Not Pushing the Watts You Want on Race Day?

  • Are you struggling to push your desired watts on race day?
  • Do you find the watts you can hold in training don't match up to what you do on race day? 
  • This happens....a lot.  Desire, focus, dedication is not the problem

Hi, I'm Joby Gutierrez. I 've been helping Ironman and Half Ironman triathletes achieve breakthrough performances for the past 12 years.

Most People Assume You Need to Spend Countless Hours on the Bike to See Power Improvements!

The truth is, you can improve your power output with highly focused workouts.  Your path to a faster bike split begins with focused power development and you must do this before you plan on racing.

We see it time and time again. Triathletes come to us with a training log full of biking hours, yet their power remains the same.  So often people get caught in the trap of doing workouts in between really easy and very hard, which is a death sentence for power gains.  The result is stagnation, frustration and very little improvement in both V02 Max and the efficiency needed for sustainable power on race day.

Break Up Your Season In Phases

If you want to be at your best on race day. Power development is a must-do phase of your training. We call this the FOUNDATION of the FC Method.

Don’t Waste Your Time Logging Hours of Training on the Bike in Hopes of Getting Faster. 

Yes, you need to spend time on the bike.  BUT how train is just as important. Improvement in your top end power and speed is the first step to a solid race performance.  Volume comes later.

At FC Endurance we do things a little different to help athletes tap into their power potential.  Our primary focus during the foundational phase of training is to improve top end power. Then we add strength on top of this.  As we get closer to race season, strength-endurance is the focus and finally race day efficiency. This cycle can be repeated a few times throughout the season.

There is a Time for Race Efficiency But that Comes After a Solid Dose of Power.

Our 5 week power improvement program focuses on top end power development. 

I Spent Years Following the High Volume Approach....and I Saw Little Gains.

After my initial improvements in the sport, my bike times stopped improving, despite my hard work.

  • I logged more hours...Didn't work
  • I pushed harder in my workouts....Didn't work
  • I beat myself into the ground and was no stronger.

Discouraged and demotivated,  I sold all of my triathlon gear and gave up the sport in 2007.  I thought I was done with triathlon! 

What I Learned During My Break From Triathlon Changed Me Forever

During my yearlong break from triathlon I researched unconventional training methods and after a yearlong absence I decided I need another shot...... and guess what?   The experiment worked. 


Sticking to this approach is what helped me qualify for Kona.  But here's the best thing. Others triathletes saw improvements as well. Shortly after I saw the benefits of my new way of training, I launched FC Endurance and started helping other triathletes achieve similar results. 

World Championships

Over 200 New Personal Bests  

From Qualifying for the Ironman World Championships, 70.3 World Championship Qualifiers, countless new personal bests and lifelong achievements, The FC Method delivers results.

But, This Isn't for Everyone.  

  • You've gotta be willing to put in the focused work on the bike. Some workouts will be hard and others will be easy.  During this phase of power development, you've gotta keep the easy, EASY so you can PUSH on the hard stuff. This takes discipline, so be sure you are ready.
  • You need to have a power meter. Sure you can improve without a power meter but the focus of our specific workouts requires precision so a power meter is needed  to get the most out of this program. Plus, this allows you to objectively see your gains in power.

Ready For Something Different?

Our 5-week Bike Power Program based on the FC Method.  Building power must come before you focus on any race specific training.   

This 5 week program is ideal for the triathlete looking to race faster in the Fall. Remember, developing your power NOW is the best way to see gains in your race day performance, which should be months away.

This is Not a Your Ordinary Training Plan

Your plan is custom built for You.  Your training background, your training days, your schedule, and your preferred volume.  All of this information is collected in the background questionnaire.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Here's What You Get

5 Week Power Improvement Program for Triathletes

Here's a look at what you can expect once you sign up.

  1. 1
    You'll receive a three and four day training program.  This program is for triathletes so we assume you'll be doing additional run workouts.  We know, swim workouts 
  2. 2
    Each workout is referenced by power targets based on your Threshold as well as references of intenisty. This process takes 48 hours after reviewing your intake form.   
  3. 3
    Delivered Via Training Peaks: Once your program is ready, we'll deliver it via Training Peaks and you can begin your training. You can create a free account if you don't currently have one.

The FC Method Works

The FC Method was very different from what I was used to in the past. The training was very focused, structured, and easy to fit into a busy schedule. I didn’t just see minor results with the FC training method, but for me I saw significant results. At Ironman Texas, I had a new personal best bike and run split and new Ironman personal best overall time. With this said, I was also able to obtain a slot to the World Championship in Kona!"

Alison Wenster
- Ironman Triathlete

“Graphs lines and numbers are one thing but I can tell you and you should know this already, I have gone farther and faster this year at 63 than ever before!  I have you and hard work to thank for that. 

Tom Lauderdale
- Ironman Triathlete

I'm a firm believer in the FC Method. The strength-focused approach WORKS.   I was absolutely prepared and felt STRONG throughout race day .  I love it when a plan comes together"

Phil Haworth
- Half Ironman and Ironman Triathlete
Joby Gutierrez

Founder of FC Endurance 

My Story 

I've qualified for Kona in my last 5 Ironman races and in October of 2019 I just achieved my all time personal best on the Big Island. However, the road to get here was full of frustration and failed attempts. It wasn't until I abandoned traditional training methods that I saw huge growth as an athlete.

I'm now able able to share this with other hard working athletes who are hungry for gains and I've been blessed to do so for the past 13 years. This is my passion!!

So many of the athletes I work with are in a similar position with limited time to train and a strong desire to get faster.  The efficient and focused workouts streamline training and make the most use of your time.  I've been at this sport for quite awhile and one thing I have held firm to is that training must fit in with my family time.  Triathlon is a lifestyle for me but it doesn't consume every spare hour.  

It's Time to Start Focusing on What Will Yield the Best Results

If improving power was as simple as just logging miles, then those who trained the most would see the biggest measurable gains in power.  

What Does Your 5 Week Plan Include?

  • A detailed description of your bike workouts, which includes power targets for every minute of the workout.
  • Guidelines and recommendations for getting the most out of your training program.
  • Pre and post program test guidelines.


100%  Power Improvement Guarantee

Secure Payment

100% Power Improvement Guarantee

After years of coaching triathletes, I am so convinced this will work for you that I'll guarantee you'll see an improvement in your power. Really.  If you complete all of your workouts, log them in Training Peaks and follow the program, I guarantee you'll see an improvement in your power. If your power doesn't improve, then I will gladly return your money.  No forms to complete, no hoops to jump through.  Nothing to lose, only gains in power!!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I measure power improvements if I don't have a power meter?

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