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Meet Osmo – My Hydration and Nutrition Strategy

My nutrition and hydration strategy has significantly evolved since I first started racing Ironman distance over 8 years ago. All of this changed when I discovered Osmo Hydration  back in July of 2012.  Dr. Stacy Sims, the founder and brains behind Osmo, introduced a concept of “food in the pocket and hydration in the bottle”. […]

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Hydration and Nutrition Resources for Ironman Athletes

I am frequently asked about what I recommend for hydration and nutrition.  Nutrition is such an individual consideration, but there are some universal principles that are helpful.  I use many of the recommendations set forth in the articles/links below.    Take some time to review these and then experiment for yourself. Gels – Why to avoid them […]

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Cycle Ops Fluid 2 Trainer

I ride indoors on a regular basis and I love this trainer for the following reasons: It’s quiet Provides progressive resistance – THere is always enough resistance to match my interval effort. Very portable and accommodates just about every type of bike Shop around because prices vary.

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Wheelbuilder Wheel Cover

I recently bought an Aerojacket Disc wheel cover for my regular training wheel.  For the last two years I have used a carbon 101 mm depth rear tubular for long course triathlon races.  This has been a definite upgrade from what I train on and I notice the difference.  I have always considered using a […]

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