October 15


Reach Your Potential in 2014

2014 Planning Workshop




We’ll teach you how to optimize your training by looking at the following topics:

  • What periodization model would work best for you – traditional or reverse 
  • Athlete Typing – knowing this makes a huge impact on how you should structure training
  • Sample workouts from each of the key training blocks – Base, Strength -Endurance, Speed-Endurance,  and Taper.
  • Setting up your race/training calendar for optimum performance
  • Question and answer opportunity





This workshop will be in a very small group format so that all participants can get the most out of the workshop. For the best results, we have a number of field tests that we’d like you to complete. This will enable us to accurately identify what you should focus on in your training.

This complimentary workshop does not require that you sign up for any sort of coaching. The information presented in these workshops is only available at the workshop. We will not provide the content for those unable to attend. We are offering three workshops throughout the Orange County area.



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