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A Resting Metabolic Test Can Help You Drop Unwanted Pounds

Your metabolism in unique. Knowing your personal metabolic fingerprint allows you to pinpoint exactly what you need to do for fat loss.  Find out how many calories your body requires as well as HOW your body burns these calories.

Your individual metabolism is how your body uses nutrients like fat and carbohydrates to produce energy.  Knowing this highly individual metabolic rate can make the difference between seeing results and wishing for results.  

Are you ready to cut through the noise and find out what you need for fat loss?  There is no “perfect” diet plan because each person is different. Based on what your individual profile shows, we will offer suggestions.

How you are burning calories impacts your daily cravings.  Knowing this will make all the difference.

At rest our body burns a unique percentage of carbs and fats for fuel.  This burn rate is unique to you and your metabolism. Knowing this percentage is essential if you want to develop a nutrition strategy that will optimize your individual metabolism.

Your carb and fat burn is influenced by your daily nutrition as well as your activity level and fitness routine.  We can show you what approach to daily nutrition is best for your individual metabolism.

What you’ll get:
  • RMR - this is the total calorie intake that your body needs.
  • Carbohydrate/Fat burn - know exactly what percentage of carbohydrates and fats you are burning at rest.  If you want to drop fat, knowing this is essential.  This can be modified through your daily nutrition and lifestyle. 
  • Macro-Nutrient recommendation based on your metabolic profile.  We’ll suggest what percentages of carbs, fats and proteins is best suited for your metabolism as well as your overall goals
How do I prepare for the test? 

In order to get the best and most accurate results, please ensure the following:

  • 8 hours with no food
  • 8 hours with no caffeine
  • 12 hours of no exercise and ideally a complete day off from working out the day before.
What’s involved in the test:

The test involves laying down as getting as relaxed as you can.  You can even take a nap. You’ll breath into mask which is connected to  metabolic analyzer. During this time the device will capture breath by breath data on you to determine you metabolic rate.  This process will take about 20 minutes of continuous measurement.